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Vol. 50 No. 50 (2022): Rivista di Studi Fenici L - 2022


Ida Oggiano,
Fifty Years of the Rivista di Studi Fenici

Sabatino Moscati, 

Nicholas C. Vella,
The Rivista di Studi Fenici at 50

Tatiana Pedrazzi,
On Cultural and Material Boundaries: “Fingere l’identità” Ten Years Later

Giuseppe Garbati,
Fingere l’identità” Ten Years on: Phoenicians beyond Identity


Gunnar Lehmann, Golan Shalvi, Harel Shochat, Paula Waiman-Barak, Ayelet Gilboa,
Iron Age II Phoenician Transport-Jars from a South-Levantine Perspective: Typology, Evolution and High-Resolution Dating

Helen Dixon,
Placing Them “in Eternity”: Symbolic Mummification in Levantine Phoenicia

Giuseppe Minunno,
Phoenician Animal Names

Brien Garnand,
Formulaic Patterns in Phoenician-Punic Votive Inscriptions: Preliminary Proposals on Epigraphic Structure and Syntax

Stefano Floris, Maria Giulia Amadasi Guzzo,
A New Inscribed Stele from the Tophet of Nora. A Note on the Punic Votive Stone Monuments Reused in the Church of Sant’Efisio (Pula, Sardinia)

Octavio Torres Gomariz,
Protohistoric Majorca and Minorca on the Punic Outskirts: Approaching Balearic Colonial Dialectic through Domestic Spaces

Clara Toscano-Pérez,
The Crisis of the 6th Century BCE in the Southwest of the Iberian Peninsula and the Possible Relationship with Malaria Falciparum: The Case of the Tierra Llana (“Flat Land”) of Huelva

Bartolomé Mora Serrano,
Melqart, Hercules Gaditanus and Híppos of Hadrian Aurei

Published: 2023-06-12

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